Mo Brossette is an expert on human behavior, mindset, movement, and nutrition. He is a Keynote Speaker on Fear and Human Potential, where he teaches companies and individuals how to achieve professional and personal goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and use fear as your greatest tool for success.


Improve communication between employers, employees, and clients while reducing workplace stress, anxiety, and pain. Create healthy habits to reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve productivity, and lead more effectively.


Mindset is Everything. Mo’s proven method will teach you and your company the mindset and breathing techniques needed to live with gratitude, reduced stress, and increased productivity, both at home and in the workplace.

1-ON-1 Coaching

Create a greater sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, while learning new stress management and problem-solving techniques to overcome obstacles and road blocks in both your professional and personal life.

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Mastering Fear is an 8-week course featuring weekly guided video instruction where you will learn tools and techniques to face fears, create resilience, handle objections/obstacles, reframe your language, handle failure, respond to emotional/physical triggers, and go into each day with gratitude and readiness for any challenge that comes your way.

This class will give you the tools you need to break down the walls of fear, self-doubt and reach your human potential. Each video will be followed by a week of reflection/assignments to keep you engaged and focused on the topic. This daily process will help you create the lasting positive change/changes you need.

Week 1:

Reframing Language Negations vs. Affirmations

Week 2:

Reframing Language Soft Talk vs. Solid Talk

Week 3:

How to turn the fear of Failure into FOCUS

Week 4:

How to turn Expectations into EXCITEMENT

Week 5:

How to Acceptance and Awareness

Week 6:

How to Respond vs. React

Week 7:

How to handle Objections and Roadblocks

Week 8:

How to create Resilience through Gratitude and Impermanence

Our team really enjoys Morris’ presentations! The feedback received throughout the organization has been VERY positive. It is exciting to see our team members use what they are learning —in what we call Mindfulness with Mo— and his Fear and Reframing Self-Talk workshops as they go about doing their great work serving our clients. – Ben Curry: SVP & COO – HighGround Advisors

Mo is the fire under your ass that you never knew you always wanted. His Fear workshop reconnected me to my inner strength and my ability to be see my hurdles as milestones. I truly appreciate his approachable, no B.S., charismatic approach and welcome time with him whenever I can get it!
– Rachel Belotti

Having Mo Brossette as my coach has been nothing short of amazing. Mo is so talented as a coach and has saved me in regards to mindset and holistic medicine, which has kept me healthy in both body and mind. He truly cares for all his clients, and will help you reach the best version of yourself physically and mentally! – Shan Khan

Mo's Meditations

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