Corporate Speaking

Mo offers a variety of in-depth leadership development programs and presentations for companies of all sizes and demographics operating in a variety of industries. Job stress is estimated to cost American companies more than $300 billion a year in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance (University of Massachusetts Lowell), while the expense of pain on American companies is estimated at $297- $335 billion annually (The American Academy of Pain Medicine).

Mo’s programs help businesses improve communication between employers, employees, and clients while also reducing workplace stress, anxiety, and pain. He’ll help you and your team create healthy habits that will reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve productivity, and enable you and your employees to perform and lead more effectively.


Becoming FearFULL not Fearless
Reframing Self-Talk to Improve Communication & Leadership
How to Handle Roadblocks & Objections
Creating Personal & Professional Resilience


Reduce workplace stress, anxiety, and pain.
Reduce daily mental and physical fatigue.
Improve communication between employers, employees, clients.
Improve sleep and work productivity.
Lead and perform at a higher level.
Understand the role of food and movement on improved energy, memory, communication, stress management, and pain reduction.

Our team really enjoys Morris’ presentations! The feedback received throughout the organization has been VERY positive. It is exciting to see our team members use what they are learning —in what we call Mindfulness with Mo— and his Fear and Reframing Self-Talk workshops as they go about doing their great work serving our clients.

Ben Curry: SVP & COO – HighGround Advisors