Mastering Fear MasterClass

Mastering Fear is an 8-week course featuring weekly guided video instruction where you will learn tools and techniques to face fears, create resilience, handle objections/obstacles, reframe your language, handle failure, respond to emotional/physical triggers, and go into each day with gratitude and readiness for any challenge that comes your way.

This class will give you the tools you need to break down the walls of fear, self-doubt and reach your human potential. Each video will be followed by a week of reflection/assignments to keep you engaged and focused on the topic. This daily process will help you create the lasting positive change/changes you need.


  • Week 1: Upgrading Your Language
  • Week 2: Upgrading Soft Talk to Solid Talk
  • Week 3: Turn Fear into Focus
  • Week 4: Turn Expectations into Excitement
  • Week 5: Acceptance to Awareness
  • Week 6: Respond vs. React with a Power Phrase
  • Week 7: Roadblocks and Objections
  • Week 8: Creating Resilience

After each video and topic:

  • You will be given breath work, meditations and daily journaling on the topic that will help you SEE the changes you will make.
  • You will be given specific language tools to eliminate negative self-talk and create positive self-talk for a positive mental and physical environment.
  • You will be given specific daily action items to accomplish to show that you CAN and you WILL make steps towards achieving your goal/goals.